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AccE GC85A


Premium ceiling digital radiography system with “Vision Assist” provides more enhanced patient care and workflow efficiency maintaining an advanced low-dose imaging experience. The fully automated AccE GC85A Vision focuses on new ways to increase efficiencies so healthcare professionals can streamline without compromising.

AccE GC85A Machine

NEW Vision Assist

Samsung’s latest camera solution is focusing on innovative ways to increase the efficiency of DR Imaging. Vision Assist allows for continuous patient monitoring, improved workflow and patient safety.


Low Dose in S-Vue

S-Vue™ not only provides excellence in image quality, but also secures better patient safety in radiography examinations. This can help change the patient’s perspectives for x-ray radiation and improve patient satisfaction.

Case. pediatric Chest PA1

Images were taken with GM85


16.1 uGy
( 54 kVp / 1.42 mAs / 0.06 dGy*cm2 / 0.1 mmCu Filter )

Low Dose

13.7 uGy
( 54 kVp / 1.42 mAs / 0.06 dGy*cm2 / 0.1 mmCu Filter )
15% Dose Reduction

Case. Adult Chest PA

Images were taken with GM85
Adult Chest PA Image Conventional


48.28 uGy
Adult Chest PA Image Low Dose

Low Dose

23.66 uGy
50% Dose Reduction

* Note : The claim concerning Samsung DR is based on limited phantom and clinical study results. Only routine PA chest radiography and abdominal radiography for average adults and pediatric abdominal, chest, skull radiography were studied, excluding pediatric patients under 1 month old.(FDA cleared - K172229, K182183)In practice, the values of dose reduction may vary accordingly. These clinical images calculates the dose reduction rate from its own standard dose at the clinical site, unlike our FDA claim which compares dose between new IPE and old IPE. The clinical site is responsible for determining whether the particular radiographic imaging needs are not impacted by such x-ray dose reduction.

** Case 1 image was taken with GM85. / Case 2,3 images were taken with GC85A

*** These are clinical dose reduction cases and rates may vary by the exposure condition of hospitals.

Image with S-Enhance

S-Enhance S-Enhance

To support your diagnosis, S-Enhance improves the clarity of foreign bodies (e.g. tube, line and/or needle) in images of chest, abdomen, and L-spine. With a single on-screen click, the companion image is created without additional settings or x-ray exposure, streamlining the workflow.

*Optional feature requiring additional purchase


Image with Bone Suppression

bone-icon Bone Suppression

Without additional setting or exposure, Bone Suppression Imaging improves the clarity of soft tissues by suppressing the appearance of bones in chest images, which improves your ability to detect nodules. You can easily create the companion image with just a click on the screen.

*Optional feature requiring additional purchase


Image with Auto Lunch Nodule Detection

bone-icon1 Auto Lung Nodule Detection

Auto Lung Nodule Detection is a computer aided detection software to identify and mark regions in relation to suspected pulmonary nodules from 10 to 30 mm in size. It is designed to aid the physician to review the PA chest radiographs of adults as a second reader and be used as part of S-Station

Streamline without Compromise

Fully automated system

AccE GC85A Vision enables fully automated operation along with the tube head unit, motorized wall stand and patient table. Simply press the button and continue patient care.

Wireless System Our fully integrated wireless system provides data transfer. This is accomplished with the use of the AccE Detector, remote control and wireless foot switch.
AccE GC85A


Auto-positioning allows for quick and easy movement for over 500 preprogrammed positions. Utilize P1-P6 customizable quick positioning buttons on the remote control for more commonly used protocols.

Motorized wall stand

With one touch of the control panel, you can precisely position the wall stand. The motorized receptor tilts from -30 degrees to 90 degrees allowing you to easily move it to various positions with no need for a table.


Auto tracking synchronizes the movement of the tube and detector automatically to reduce repetitive workflows.

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