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Authority To
Operate (ATO)

For Department of Defense

Boston Imaging is committed to offering military customers the needed tools to protect against cybersecurity threats while maintaining a high quality of care and protecting invaluable patient data. Having received ATO for digital radiography and ultrasound technology, Boston Imaging has multiple placements of its imaging technology within MTFs across the globe. Boston Imaging strictly adheres to the DoD's critical cybersecurity requirements for medical equipment to interface with its network. As part of our maintenance for the ATO, Boston Imaging performs vulnerability scanning to analyze any possible impact the system may have from vulnerabilities, providing continuous monitoring of the system.

Boston Imaging is committed to global regulatory guidelines

To protect consumers personal data, we are consistently providing training to our employees through our Data Protection Handbook, Privacy Policy on Data Sharing with Third Parties, and other personal data protection guidelines. We will continue to support our employees to recognize the importance of personal data protection and to apply related policies and regulations to their practices.

Ironclad Cybersecurity

Boston Imaging provides a solution to support our customers by offering the tools to protect against cyber threats that may compromise valuable patient data and ultimately degrade the quality of care. Boston Imaging's cybersecurity solution strives to abide by the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) and takes a comprehensive approach to provide impeccable protection with the following pillars: Intrusion Prevention, Access Control, and Data Protection

Tools for protecting against cyber threats from external attacks
  • Security tools (Anti-virus & Firewall)
  • Secured Operating System
Strengthened surveillance for racking the access of patient information
  • Account Management
  • Audit Trail
Encription functions for safeguarding data whether at-rest or in-transit
  • Data encryption 
  • Transmission security
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