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For Samsung Digital Radiography Products

Through real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis, maximum uptime can be achieved while limiting on-site visits.


Fix Less, Care More

  • Real-Time – System error messages are sent to RMS server as the occur
  • Remote Access – Optionally, a user can open a remote access session that is HIPPA compliant and allows tech support to repair remotely
  • Secure – Outbound VPN tunnel does not allow any incoming signal to protect your infrastructure. Attended access sessions close immediately after completion.

Get The Right Service at the Right Time

Learn how you can get the support you deserve exactly when you need it.
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Effective Diagnostic Monitoring And Analysis Keeps Systems Operating

Proactive Maintenance

With RMS, system errors and warnings are monitored on a real-time basis and are analyzed to predict technical problems which may occur. When potential problems are detected, local service engineers are informed and perform preventative service visits, bringing any necessary parts to solve the problem.


Remote Diagnosis And Technical Support Yielding High Uptime

Real-Time Diagnosis with Remote Desktop Solutions

Samsung’s RMS Command Center team monitors system errors and warnings in real-time. When problems are detected, SMS messages are sent to local Samsung field service engineers. Samsung field service engineers can remotely diagnose and perform remote software repairs via RMS or provide the appropriate on-site response.

Increased Uptime

RMS Command Center staff sends necessary information to field service engineers including repair parts based on the issue at hand, resulting in increased uptime.


Data Transmission Through Secure VPN Keeps Your Network Safe

Virtual Tunneling

A virtual tunnel is established between the user’s equipment and the RMS server using Samsung’s VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Safety Encryption

All information is encrypted before being sent from the medical equipment to the RMS server.

Security of Patient Information

Security of patient information is ensured as RMS blocks any potential patient information from the engineer’s view during the remote support session. Remote support sessions require the hospital user to consent and be present to activate the session, and terminates the connection immediately after the remote session is finished. *RMS complies with agreement of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).