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RS85 Prestige

A Revolutionary Change in
Advanced Diagnostics

RS85 Prestige

Designed for ultimate scanning performance, the RS85 Prestige effortlessly delivers consistent, superb image clarity, impressive depth of penetration and sensitive perfusion of blood flow. 

The RS85 Prestige is advancing diagnostic imaging with
powerful processing speed and innovative features.

Crystal Architecture™

At the heart of the RS85 Prestige’s image clarity, Crystal Architecture combines innovative beamforming (Crystal Beam™), sophisticated image processing (Crystal Pure™) and advanced S-Vue Transducers™ to produce clear, uniform, high-resolution images.
Kidney with MV-Flow
Breast with MV-Flow


An advanced Doppler technology providing detailed documentation of microvascular perfusion into tissues and organs
Liver without ShadowHDR
Liver with ShadowHDR


Designed to suppress shadows and enhance the clarity of detailed grayscale images
Kidney (MV-Flow with LumiFlow)
Liver (S-Flow with LumiFlow)


Displays a “3D-like” appearance to 2D color Doppler, enhancing spatial comprehension of blood vessels and aiding in the understanding of vessel boundaries
Prostate with S-Shearwave Imaging

S-Shearwave Imaging™

Allows for non-invasive assessment of the stiffness for tissue/lesions in various applications such as breast, liver, MSK and prostate


Real-time streaming solution to see live ultrasound scanning images in remote places

What the Experts Say

Dr. Phillip Steele, MD, president & founder of Performance Injury Care & Sports Medicine talks about his experience with Samsung RS85 Prestige Ultrasound
Anthony Filly, MD, radiologist at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey CA tells the story of why he chose Samsung RS85 Prestige Ultrasound for his practice

RS85 Prestige Ultrasound Images


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